Henning & Silvia

Feb 23 2015

Trust, healthy and adventure would be the three words to describe the relationship of Henning and Silvia. Silvia said Henning is a person who likes to challenge people and she is a person who enjoys being challenged. Therefore, Henning always brings adventure to her and make her improve. Henning is also a person who enjoys healthy lifestyle and that made Silvia’s lifestyle became healthier. The characterological differences of Henning and Silvia can compensate each other. They also trust each other a lot. No one would tell lies to each other. Their relationship might not be the most romantic one, but is real, sincere and not pretentious. They can be their real self naturally. This kind of relationship is the most timeless. Therefore, Giamore designed this simple, elegant and timeless diamond ring as their engagement ring to showcase their love, which is real and simple. 

Henning is someone who loves adventure. His adventurous personality was shown in the proposal. Henning attended a 250 kilometers of desert marathon in Morocco. He brought the engagement ring with him during the race to introspect how much he want to marry Silvia. He realized that how much want to spend the rest of his life with Silvia during the race. Therefore, he proposed to Silvia after the race, with this diamond ring that ran 250km in Morocco with him.